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Our inspirations

We were told: "this project is very nice, but you need a common thread, a meaning for it to be coherent",

the thing is that we are not too much in tune with the “must”.


Our Family concept store, it's like us, it's made of what we love, and it goes all over the place, because that's life:

our life is therefore a joyful mess!


At La Woody, we love the shows of James Thierrée, Philippe Gentil,Circus Feather, The Zerep company, dance: that of Aurélien Bory, musicals; WE loveJane Birkin, Agnès Varda, Kiss, ACDC, Walt Disney, we love fries,couscous, flying, amusement parks, stay at home, mint tea, summer, macaroons, shells and boiled eggs,

Joël Pommerat, exhibitions,Beaubourg, the films of Wes Anderson & the kisses.


We like: The park ofLa Villette, cows, camels, birds,Elli & Jacno. Go on an adventure, the beach, the fish, especially the whale sharks. We also like Björk, the films of Michel Gondry and our graphic designer Tati.


We like: Michael Jackson,New York, the smell of the lime tree on summer evenings, the swimming pool, the wisteria, Queen.

We are gay friendly,we are even very friendly if we are not bothered.


We love Gainsbourg, chocolate cigarettes, spicy sweets, photo booths. Charlie!

Street art, running in the rain, Toy Story, the laughter of Sting &ORTIZ sardines.


We love dancing to David Bowie, we love Adjani & Jacques Demy.

We like going to a restaurant and an aperitif (with sausage and curlys.).

And above all, we like to hang out in our underpants.


We love Charlélie Couture, the Rita Mitsouko, -M-, Edika, Charles Berberian, Maurice Sendak, Miroslav Sasek, Sempé, the crushed cars of César, the blacks of Soulages, Basquiat, Frida, Brel, Barbara, the giant spiders of Louise Bourgeois, Nikki de St Phalle, Annette Messager, the Lalannes, Maurane, Dubuffet. We are crazy about Lanvin chocolate, cotton candy, fairgrounds,

from Tout En Vrac, Royal de Luxe, beautiful sneakers and Patricia Blanchet!


We like the souk of Marrakech, taking the train in Japan, Brancusi,

without forgetting the giant pumpkins of Yayoi Kusama andAll mamas. 


We love to dance, sing and laugh,   and we try to do it every day!

(Frankly it's not true but according to my friend Alice it's more positive)


We also like the mainland, Jean-Paul Gauthier, King-Kong, the Buttes de Chaumont park, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac,  Higelin, AND the extraterrestrial, Jean-Paul Goude & Grace Jones...


We don't like sleazy people, jealous people, bad guys who pretend to be nice.  

Doing homework, tidying up,store lights at night are useless!


We also don't like offal, cod and stinky cheese!


And what has horrified us for 37 years are the people who sing:

“It was death that murdered you Mathias! »

It isMarcia ! It's still not complicated!

Mathias never existed, damn it!


Well, we're not too big on Instagram either,and as for clearing the table...


We hope you're as crazy as we are, so: "Welcome!"

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