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Our values

We're not going to give you big speeches, moralizing talk & company, it's not the spirit of the house!

And then, we prefer to act...


But still, for us, it is important that you are in the confidence, so here is how we see things:


Obviously we do our best to ensure that all our products are in line with who we are and our philosophy:   fun, accessible and quality objects, good for us but also for the planet. Even the art prints are on recycled paper and vegetable inks.


At the same time, here we did not wait for the planet to be in danger to preserve it and yes to the Woody Family, we have always sorted, we preserve water and we even went to the deposit well before it was fashion, why? well, because it makes sense.


So, we produce to order what we can, we try not to have too many stocks.


90% of our products are made in France (Franche Comté, Vosges, Occitanie).

For some textiles we have a workshop in Portugal and a little elsewhere for t-shirts and sweatshirts.


Even the cardboard is French! We play the game and value our French craftsmen who do not relocate.


So yes it has a cost, but we prefer to sell at a fair price and earn less

money (if we manage to earn it) than to exploit people on the other side of the world.


Because behind each object hides an artist and people who made it with care and whom we know.

And then, we are a little bad in business in real life!

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